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Freshstore.pk is a cloud kitchen that provides a chance to different restaurants and independent businesses by giving them a platform to showcase their products and we provide them the facility of getting their products delivered to their customers. Freshstore.pk is an instant solution for all the people craving something while sitting at home. In this highly saturated market, businesses need to step up their game to stay competitive in the market which is why they are inclining towards cloud kitchens like Freshstore.pk. Freshstore Private Limited is a fast growing business in the market as it caters all over in Lahore and does not serve on the basis of region. We are serving in two models, Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C). We are serving Business to Business by providing a chance to the restaurants and independent businesses to get on board on our platform and their products will be displayed on our website and our mobile phone application.

How restaurants and independent businesses can come on-board with us?

In order for a restaurant and independent or home based business to come-on board with us, they have to sign up with us through our mobile app. Firstly, they have to download the app and follow the steps to signing up which are explained in detail on the tutorials. You can follow the tutorials available on our website and YouTube channel. After signing up on our app, their products would be displayed on our website and as well as on the app. This would give the businesses an advantage of reaching a larger audience. When the products are once displayed on our platform, customers can browse through it and order their desired food items which would then be delivered to the customer. When a customer places an order, it is our responsibility to deliver it to the customer, certainly it takes the pressure from the restaurants or independent/ home based businesses. In case any restaurant or home based/ independent business does not want to come on board with us, they can still get their orders delivered by us, using our website or application. They can contact us through our social media to book their deliveries or they can place the order for delivery through our custom delivery feature on our website and application. Whether it is Baked Deliveries including Cake Delivery, Cupcake Delivery, any other food delivery to any Parcel. We will deliver it anywhere in Lahore right at the customer’s destination.

How can Customers place their orders on Freshstore.pk?

The other model that freshstore.pk is using, that is business to consumer. We are facilitating customers by delivering their orders right at their doorsteps. They can get anything delivered at home simply by browsing through our website or application. Also, customers can place custom orders by availing our custom delivery feature and we’ll deliver anything from any parcel to food from any restaurant to Baked items including cakes and cupcakes, all over in Lahore.

Freshstore (Private) Limited wants to enhance your experience and give you not just a great dining affair but also serves to provide comfort and convenience to your daily life We bring you the Best Food in Lahore with home delivery so that you can get the taste of the best street food, best fast food and food from the best restaurants in Lahore right to your doorsteps. We provide the fastest and reliable delivery as we aim to focus on the convenience and ease of our clients and customers.

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Freshstore (Private) Limited wants to enhance your experience and give you not just a great dining affair but also serves to provide comfort and convenience to your daily life.

Contact us through our website or download our app and make your experience more convenient.

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