Best Almond Naan Khatai 500g From Khalifa Bakers

  • Almond Naan Khatai kg
  • Almond Naan Khatai kg
    Almond Naan Khatai kg

    Almond Naan Khatai 500g From Khalifa Baker

    Seller : Khalifa Bakers
    Category : Bakery Special
    Seller Type : Bakeries
    Preparation Time : 2 hours Pre Order



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    Khalifa Bakers are located in Old Lahore near Chohata Mufti Bakqar Lakkar Mandi Bazar. It is an old and famous bakery that sells scrumptious bakery items such as biscuits, bakarkhani, rusks, and cakes before the independence of Pakistan. It is not only famous in Pakistan but around the world.  Its speciality includes its famous Khatai with almonds and Chana Biscuits. Now you can order delicacies from Khalifa Bakers in Lahore by using 

    Khalifa Khatai is the most famous biscuit from Khalifa Bakers. They are light and crispy with almonds filled inside the Khatai. One Khatai can finish your hunger. You can now get the scrumptious Khatai by ordering it from

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