Best BBQ in Lahore 

Lahore and quality food go side by side as this city has always been associated with quality food. Lahore has a number of places which serves great food from different cuisines. No matter how much people love contemporary cuisines but there is nothing like the traditional cuisine. Lahore has quality traditional food and you can find this special traditional food in high-end restaurants to affordable restaurants. One of the famous items when it comes to traditional food is BBQ. 

BBQ is famous amongst the people of Lahore so much so that every restaurant offers special barbeque. You can get Chicken BBQ, Lamb BBQ to Fish BBQ, basically you can get barbecue of any meat you desire for. BBQ is basically a smokey texture meat which is prepared by marinating it with different spices and then preparing it on coal. The juicy and spicy taste of BBQ is something that everyone desires which is why and rightly so, you can find a number of people who are barbecue lovers. As there is a large number of people who are BBQ lovers, people are often looking for places that serve the Best BBQ in Lahore. We bring you the best BBQ in Lahore which is great in taste and is easy on the pocket. brings you a variety of BBQ items that are of great quality and taste along with being affordable. You can get a variety of Barbecue right at your doorsteps by ordering from our website or app. We have a variety of restaurants that serves BBQ which includes: 

Al-Sheikh Restaurant

Al-Sheikh Restaurant is situated in Wapda Town and has a number of BBQ items that you can enjoy and that are affordable on your pocket. You can order Chicken Malai Boti , Chicken Tikka , Chicken Leg Piece ,  Chicken Boneless Boti  , Chicken Breast Piece and Beef Kabab from Al-Sheikh Restaurant through You can order them through our website or app and then can enjoy the delicious BBQ with your friends and family, anywhere in Lahore.  

 Chatkhara Treats Restaurants 

 Chatkhara Treats    is also a restaurant which is famous in its own locality due to its taste. It also offers delicious BBQ which is great in taste and is also affordable. has brought a great deal for all the people out there who want to eat something spicy, delicious and affordable. You can order it online through our website or app and we will deliver it right at your doorsteps, anywhere in Lahore. 

 Hari Mirch  

 Hari Mirch  is also a restaurant which serves quality BBQ at an affordable price. The Barbecue served is not just easy on the pocket but also has a great taste as it has the perfect balance of spice. The restaurant has a variety of BBQ items which includes Chicken Malai Boti , Chicken Tikka , Chicken Sheesh Tauq  and  Chicken Piece  which you can order online through and it would be delivered to your doorsteps, anywhere in Lahore.

 Madni Sajji & BBQ 

  Madni Sajji and BBQ    is a restaurant which as the name suggests specializes in serving BBQ and Sajji. It has a variety of other dishes in their menu but their barbecue and sajji items steal the show. It serves a number of BBQ items which are quite delicious and if you want to eat delicious barbecue which is easy on your pocket then  Madni Sajji & BBQ  is the place for you. It has a variety of BBQ including    Chicken Cream Boti ,  Chicken Gola Kabab  ,  Beef Cheese Kabab ,  Chicken Cheese Kabab , Chicken Malai Boti , Beef Bihari , Grill Chargha  , Namkeen Tikka and many more such items. You can order them all online from and get it delivered right at your doorsteps.  

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