Bakeries are the places that sell the flour-based products that are baked in ovens. The famous bakery products include bread, cake, cupcakes, rusks, croissants, biscuits, pizzas, and donuts. Initially, baking started during the Roman empire and the first bakery was established in 1928. Later on, it has seen a decline during World War Two due to the government's ban on metal in the household as the metal was to be used in war only. After WW2, a new technique was introduced to make the bakery products that used chemicals and other new ingredients to bake the desired products.

Nowadays, bakeries are established all over the world, and bakeries here in Pakistan have a special and unique taste having desi flavor. The bakery items are loved by everyone and it is a tradition in Pakistan of having bakery items in the breakfast and the afternoon tea. In breakfast, bread and rusks are the favorite items of Pakistanis. wherein afternoon tea, a biscuit, cake, and Bakar Khani are a must to have with family. Here presenting you a list of the  best bakeries in Lahore  from where you can get the based baked products.



Khalifa Bakers are located in the Walled city Lahore near Chohata Mufti Bakqar Lakkar Mandi Bazar. It is an old and famous bakery in Lahore that sells scrumptious bakery items such as Biscuits, Bakar Khani, Rusks, and Cakes before the independence of Pakistan. It is not only a famous bakery in Lahore but around the world.  Its specialty includes its famous Khatai with almonds and Chana Biscuits. Now you can order delicacies from Khalifa Bakers anywhere in Lahore through  .



Butt sweets and bakers are the famous bakers in Lahore that has many franchises working in Lahore. They are keeping the traditional taste of their sweets, let it be halwa, methae, or other baked items including cakes, rusks, bread, and biscuits. The butt sweets and bakers; the best bakers in Lahore is loved by its customers as it sells the freshly baked and cooked products that are made with high-quality ingredients. Its sweets are best eaten with the evening tea with family if you are having a delightful evening with family and want to have scrumptious baked items. You can order them now from the best bakers in Lahore through and get it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore.



Bakisto-The Cake Company is one of the leading bakeries in Lahore. It is an amazing bakery in Lahore that is offering delicious bakery items including cakes and cupcakes. They have a variety of flavors and designs of cakes and cupcakes that can be ordered through  anywhere in Lahore. They provide cakes in both Fondant and Buttercream ranges with scrumptious flavors of your choice. Bakisto provides custom made cakes for one's anniversary, birthday, wedding, graduation, and job promotions. Now you can order your desired cake or any other bakery item from Bakisto, the best bakers in Lahore by ordering it through the best online food delivery service  . 


Cake Craft is one of the best bakers in Lahore that sells the most delectable cakes in Lahore that are fit for any function, be it your Dholak, Weeding, Birthday, or Graduation party celebrations. As per the name suggests, their cakes look like a beautiful craft. Beautiful cakes from Cake Craft are a sight to sore eyes. They serve the creamy and flavorful cakes as the Cake Craft does not compromise on taste as well as the shape of the cake. You can now order these scrumptious cakes from Cake Craft and get it delivered at your doorstep by ordering it from the online delivery service  anywhere in Lahore.


If you are looking for the  best bakeries in Lahore  then you should visit  to get the best bakery item available in Lahore and can be delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore.


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