Best Channa Biscuit 1kg From Khalifa Bakers

  • Channa Biscuit-1 kg
  • Channa Biscuit-1 kg
  • Channa Biscuit-1 kg
    Channa Biscuit-1 kg

    Do you want to enjoy the famous traditional specialties while sitting in the comfort of your house? We provide you the delicious and famous traditional specialties which includes specialties from the famous Khalifa Bakers right to your doorsteps. You can order Channa Biscuit of Khalifa Bakers with home delivery so that you can enjoy this famous speciality of Lahore while sitting at home.

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    Khalifa Bakers is located in Old Lahore near Chohata Mufti Bakqar Lakkar Mandi Bazar. It is an old and famous bakery that sells extremely delicious bakery items such as biscuits, bakarkhani, rusks, and cakes before the birth of Pakistan. It is not only famous in Pakistan but around the world as it has maintained its traditional taste and is selling it in the same old bakery for years now. Its speciality includes its delicious and flavorful Nankhatai with almond biscuit , Butter Bakarkhani and Cake Rusk.

    Khalifa Nankhatai is the most famous biscuit from Khalifa Bakers. There are two types of Khalifa Nankhatai; one is the plain khatai having buttery taste with balanced sugar and the other is Almond Nankhatai filled with alot of  almonds inside. It is a scrumptious delicacy with light and crispy texture. This Nankhatai is heaven in one's mouth but the loophole lies in the distance to visit the bakery as it is located in old Lahore and it’s an extremely rushy place and it's quite difficult to go there and get your favorite delicacy by standing in the long queues.  Your problem is now solved by the best online delivery service in Lahore, is delivering these scrumptious Nankhatai at your doorstep. You can order it now from their website and through their mobile application.

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