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Order Best Cookies and Rusk In Lahore

    Cookies and Rusks are the bakery items that are one of the most loved snacks enjoyed with tea. If you are a tea lover then Cookies and Rusk must be an essential part of your daily food routine. Cookies and Rusk are the baked items made from flour, eggs, vanilla essence, yeast and other ingredients. Both the snacks are baked but have slightly different ingredients. If you are someone who loves cookies and rusks with morning and evening chai then you are at the right place as Freshstore.pk provides you variety of vendors that sells best cookies and Rusk in town with home delivery service.

    Rusk have a cultural importance in our country as they are also known as pappy in some areas of the country. It is an essential part of many peoples life as since years they have a routine of having breakfast with rusks. Rusks are the over baked bread that is crispy but when dipped in tea becomes softer. Rusk is enjoyed by children and some elderly with jams, butter, cream, and ketchup. If you are a rusk lover and looking for the best rusk in Lahore then you are at right place as Freshstore.pk provides you with a variety of best rusks sellers in town. We provide food delivery service all over Lahore.

    Cookies are the biscuits that are soft and friable. They are available in different flavours including jam heart, chocolate chip, double chocolate, and red velvet etc. Cookies are mostly loved with evening tea and coffees. Cookies are larger than biscuits and tastes amazing. If you are a cookie lover then order cookies in Lahore from Freshstore.pk as we deliver your favourite cookies at your doorstep.

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