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    Fries are the chips made from frying sliced potatoes in deep hot oil. They are perhaps among the most loved snacks of everybody be it youngsters or elderly folks. If you are super hungry and do not have time to sit and eat properly and don't have a clue what to eat at that time, fries are the best option as they are easy to carry, fulfilling and tasty at the same time. Potato fries are cherished by everybody and are made all around the world. Its crispy external and delicate internal potato upgrade flavour of potato in mouth. It is one of the simplest and most tasty food produced using potato that is cherished by everybody all throughout the planet. Fries are now available with different dips and add-ons; most favourite among them are BBQ fries, garlic mayo fries and masala fries. If you are a fries lover and looking for the best bbq fries, garlic mayo fries, and masala fries then your wait is over as you can order best fries in Lahore from Freshstore.pk. Fries are also known as French fries and through this most people questioned the beginning of the fries as some accepts that it was first made in Belgium while other believes it was initially cooked in France. Whichever may have been the spot of production of these delightful fries, the makers of the fries have gifted individuals this extraordinary snack. It is one of the simplest to cook appetizer that needs least planning time however in this base time, it is quite possibly the most heavenly snacks on earth. To cook fries, first you need to strip off the potato skin then, at that point cut the potatoes in finger structure. Put them in chill water then, add salt and corn flour if necessary and fry them in hot oil. Cook them for three to five minutes and take the fries out and serve them to your loved ones. These are the plain fries, you can add garlic mayo to create garlic mayo fries, and bbq sauce to make bbq fries. But if you do not have time to cook fries then order them now from Freshstore.pk and get it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore. Fries are a standout amongst other side dishes or appetizers, it is best presented with burgers, steaks, sandwiches, barbecued chicken, stuffed chicken, and fried chicken. You can discover various names of potato fries as potato wedges, potato rings, ring fries, wavy fries, plain fries and so on You can also find various flavoured fries such as masala fries, chatt patta fries, garlic mayo fries, BBQ fries and cheese fries. Fries can be eaten as a snack or appetizer and at the same time as whole meal. Children loves to take them as school lunch while elderly loves it with evening tea. If you are a fries lover and wants to have best fries in Lahore then order them now from Freshstore.pk and get it delivered at your doorstep.
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