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  • Jeda Malai Lassi
  • Jeda Malai Lassi
    Jeda Malai Lassi

    Jeda Malai lassi has a delicious taste and is the most favourite in Lahore, Punjab Pakistan. It has less price with excellent quality. You should try it at least one time so order Jeda malai lassi at a freshstore and enjoy your taste.

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    Lahore is famous for its food and culture so quite suitably it is filled with people who are food lovers.There are a number of traditional specialties that Lahore is recognized for, when it comes to food. One of the famous specialties of lahore is Jedda Lassi. It is located in the Walled city of Lahore. People love this delicious treat as it is prepared by pure milk and butter and its delicious taste can not be matched. People all around Lahore want to have it every once in a while. It is not just famous in Lahore but it is always on the must try list of the people visiting Lahore after a while or for the first time. Jedda Lassi Lahore is high in demand which is why it opens up at 6:00 am sharp so that customers can enjoy this delicious treat. The only problem is that Jedda Lassi is situated in Walled city of Lahore and the shop closes by approximately 9:00 am so despite Jedda Lassi being extremely famous and high in demand most of the people can not reach there in time. has brought to you an amazing offer as if you want to have the delicious Jedda lassi Lahore, you can order it online using our website or app from anywhere in Lahore and it will be delivered right at your doorsteps so that you would not have to miss out on this delicious treat and you can enjoy it with your friends and family.  

    Jedda Lassi Lahore is often remembered by people because of the quality of lassi and the culture and history it showcases. People remember it mostly from Jedda Malai Lassi as it is considered one of the most delicious lassis because of its mouth-watering buttery flavor and creamy texture. Jeda Malai Lassi is a perfect treat for everyone who loves desi food and wants to have something special and traditional every once in a while. It is the best combination with desi nashta as no desi nashta can be completed with a glass of fresh and tasty lassi and what other lassi can be better than Jedda Malai Lassi. You can order Jeda Malai Lassi Online from our website and app and you will get Jedda Malai Lassi of Androon Shaher right at your doorsteps so that you can enjoy this special and delicious treat with your desi nashta or can just enjoy it simply with your friends and family. 

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