Best Order Meal for 4 from Galitos in Lahore

  • Meal for 4
    Meal for 4

    Want to eat your favorite fast food from your beloved fast food spots at your home with your friends and families? Then worry no more, we are delivering mouth-watering food at your doorstep. You can get the Best Fast Food Restaurants in Lahore with home delivery. Order the Best-Meals from Galitos RESTAURANT with home delivery so that you can enjoy this special deal with your friends or family!

    Seller : Galitos
    Category : Galitos
    Seller Type : Fast Food
    Preparation Time : 2 hours Pre Order



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    Meal for 4:

    1- 2 Medium Pizza

    2- 4 Pcs of Garlic Bread

    3- 1 Garden Salad

    4- 2 Cocolate Cake Slice

    5- 4 350 ml Drinks

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