Best Order Potato Wedges from Dominos Pizza in Lahore

  • Potato Wedges
  • Potato Wedges
    Potato Wedges

    In the present included life, we don't generally get the opportunity to prepare food yet we miss the solace and taste of particularly structured food. Eventually you don't need to weight considering the way that can pass on you the best hand created food in Lahore with the target that you can esteem the sort of great and delectable home organized suppers in your office, home or lodging normal. Get Best-Potato-Wedges of Dominos-Pizza with home development!

    Seller : Domino's
    Category : Dominos Pizza
    Seller Type : Fast Food
    Preparation Time : 2 hours Pre Order



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    Potato Wedges includes a full 200 grams of oven baked, crispy potato chunks.

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