Lahore is a city famous for its food as it is known as the food capital of Pakistan. People of Lahore love to eat, may it be a fancy western cuisine or a desi delicacy. There is no dearth of continental, fast food, and Chinese restaurants but the love for desi cuisines is unimaginable. Lahore is famous for its desi cuisines and traditional food items that are the identity of Lahore. The best part of the Dhaba food is that it’s delicious as well as pocket friendly. Unlike the high-end western restaurants, they don’t cause a hole in your pocket. If you are visiting Lahore and don’t have a high budget then you can visit this dhaba and enjoy the traditional taste of Lahore or if you are want to treat your friends and family and during the last dates of the month than the Dhaba food is the best option as it is extremely affordable with great taste. Here, presenting you the best Dhaba food in Lahore


 Kozi Haleem Secretariat 

 Kozi Haleem    is the famous Haleem in Lahore. It was established by three people Muhammad Miraj Din, Muhammad Ashraf, and Fazalur Rehman. They make scrumptious haleem by using seventeen different spices that give it a delicious and unique taste. Kozi Haleem has three branches in Lahore and serves delicious haleem to hundreds of people every day but the most crowded among them is Kozi Haleem Secretariat. This Haleem is affordable and Kozi Haleem serves both beef and chicken haleem. Now you can get it delivered at your doorsteps by ordering it through from anywhere in Lahore. 


 Jeda Lassi 

 One of the specialties of Lahore and located in the Walled City of Lahore is Jeda Lassi. It is famous for its delicious and special taste as this lassi is made up of pure milk and butter. Everyone who visits Lahore and want to taste its famous delicacies, Jeda Lassi is a must-try. Jeda Lassi is equally loved by Lahories but it is not always convenient to visit Jeda Lassi as its located in a walled city. You can now order Jeda Lassi online and get it delivered at your doorsteps simply by going on to  and can enjoy its mouth-watering taste, anywhere in Lahore without having to stand in long queues. 



  Phajja Siri Paaye  

 Phajja Siri Paaye is the most famous paaye maker in Lahore, remembered for its rich and delicious taste. People often love to have the special Phajja Paaye in breakfast but the payee is served till it’s finished. It is best served with tandoori kulchas that enhance the taste of the payee. Phajja Siri Paaye is a must-try as it is one of the best dhaba food in Lahore for all the people who are visiting Lahore and who have a flavor of desi meals. You can order the Special Phajja Siri Paaye from and get it delivered right at your doorsteps anywhere in Lahore. 



Sadiq Halwa Puri 

Sadiq Halwa Puri shop is located in gawalmandi, a walled city of Lahore. It serves the delicious delicacy of Lahore and best is to have these delicious puris served with chanay and halwa in breakfast. So if you are having a dull weekend, not to worry as the best online food delivery service provides you the best Halwa Puri in town at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore. 



Haji Sultan Haleem 

Haji Sultan Haleem is the best haleem in Lahore and is considered a very famous dhaba in Lahore, located in Bhati Gate. It is believed to be the hub of delicate and delicious haleem. Its slogan emphasizes ‘Pakistan hi to hai to Hamari pehchan-Haleem ho to Haji  Sultan’. It provides delicious haleem and now you can get this scrumptious haleem from anywhere in Lahore through    . 




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