Lahore is the food hub and the food capital of Pakistan that houses famous restaurants and cafes and have variety of food specialists that are mandatorily tasted by people from tourist visiting Lahore from Pakistan and around the world. There are several famous foods in Lahore that are well celebrated and if someone is visiting Lahore then it is a must to have these scrumptious and delicious food. The most famous delicacies of Lahore include Biryani from Waqas Biryani, Almond Khatai from Khalifa Bakers, and Paye from Phaja Paye. If you are someone who is visiting Lahore for the first time or who have guests and want to have these delicious delicacies then you can buy famous food in Lahore through Freshstore.pk and get it delivered at your desired place anywhere in Lahore.

Waqas Biryani

Waqas Biryani is a renowned Biryani place in Lahore that is the famous food in Lahore that serves scrumptious Biryani since years. The Waqas Biryani is situated in the jam-packed area of Hall Road near Panorama center, Lahore. It serves delightful biryani to a number of people on lunch and dinners and it takes almost half an hour to have the scrumptious biryani from Waqas Biryani. Waqas Biryani online order can be placed from Freshstore.pk and you can get it delivered at your chosen place anywhere in Lahore.

Waqas Biryani is highly reasonable and economical as well as provide quality food with good quantity as one plate is sufficient for two people. Waqas Biryani is offered in two measures; half and full plate. The half biryani plate comprises of Rice, Kebab, Raita, and Salad and the full biryani plate has two pieces steamed Chicken, Rice, Raita, Salad, and Kebab. You can buy famous food in Lahore and can online order Waqas Biryani through Freshstore.pk and Freshstore.pk will deliver it at your desired place anywhere in Lahore.


Khalifa Khatai

Khalifa Bakers provides the most famous food in Lahore that is Khalifa Khatai. It is located in Walled city Lahore near Chohata Mufti Bakqar Lakkar Mandi Bazar. It is the best and historic bakery that serves delicious bakery products before the partition of the Sub-Continent. It is not only famous in Pakistan but around the world, especially in the South-Asian countries and exports the delicious Biscuits, Bakarkhani, Rusks, and Cakes to the countries around the world. The specialty of Khalifa Bakers includes the famous Khalifa Nan Khatai with almonds and Chana Biscuits. Khalifa Naan Khatai is available in two types; one is the plain Nan Khatai and the other is Almond Nan Khatai. Plain Nan Khatai is a biscuit that has a very crunchy quality. Almond Khalifa Khatai has a lot of almonds in a sole biscuit. Almonds in every bite of the Khatai increases the taste and flavor of Khatai. You can buy famous food in Lahore that is the Khalifa Khatai from Freshstore.pk.


Phaja Siri Paye

Phaja Siri Paye is the renowned paye place in Lahore that serves pleasant paye for many years and is known as the famous food in Lahore. It is one of the historic and tasty paye place in Lahore. The delicious Phaja Paye is best served with the Freshly baked Naan and Cold drink. One plate of Payee is pleasing that if you are having it in brunch then you won’t feel hungry for whole day. Paye order in Lahore has become easy as now you can get your desired paye sent at your doorstep any time of the day and anywhere in Lahore through Freshstore.pk . You can buy the famous food in Lahore that is Phaja Paye from Freshstore.pk at your desired place anywhere in Lahore.


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