Food to Eat in Lahore 

 Lahore is a place which is known for its rich culture from the lively and friendly people to  lightened and historic places but one thing that makes Lahore special than other cities of the country is the food. Lahore is the main hub for all the food lovers because it has a rich cuisine. You can find a range of dishes in Lahore with amazing taste and flavors including traditional food or desi food, street food, fast food along with a variety of other cuisines. Although you can find a range of cuisines in Lahore according to your personal choice but if you are looking for the specialties that you can just find in Lahore than we have made a list of the places which you can not miss when it comes to the food to eat in Lahore and we bet you absolutely cannot miss any of these specialties of Lahore! 

Jeda Lassi 

Jeda Lassi  is a famous specialty of Lahore which is located in the Walled City of Lahore. People are fond of this specialty because of its delicious taste. Jeda lassi is prepared from pure milk and butter. You can order Jeda Lassi Lahore online from and it will be delivered at your doorsteps without any problem, anywhere in Lahore.  

People often remember Jeda Lassi for its specialty which is Jedda Malai Lassi. Jeda Malai Lassi is famous because of its delicious buttery flavor and creamy texture. It is a treat for everyone no one can say no to the special Jeda Malai Lassi of Androon Shaher. You can order Jeda Malai Lassi online from and  we will deliver it right at your doorsteps. You can place your orders through our website or application and you’ll receive your delicious Jeda Lassi right at your doorsteps.  

Feeka Lassi 

Feeka Lassi  s another famous specialty of Lahore located in the walled city. It is famous for its delicious taste. People all around the city visit this famous joint for its  Special Peda Lassi. The sweet and creamy taste of lassi highlighted with the flavors of Peda is just one treat that no one wants to miss. This is one of the most famous specialties of Lahore. The one problem people face is that  Feeka Lassi  is only located in Walled city of Lahore and even if one takes out time to go and have this delicious treat, there is a high chance that it would be done for the day by the time you even reach there. You can order Feeka Lassi  of Lahore from  by using our website or application and it will be delivered right at your doorsteps, anywhere in Lahore.  

Waqas Biryani  

Waqas Biryani  of Hall Road is another specialty of Lahore which is located near Panorama center. It is one of the most famous Biryani places in Lahore. It is famous because of its unique and delicious taste. You get delicious rice cooked to perfection topped with steamed roasts, raita, salad and shami kabab.  

You can place Waqas Biryani Online Order from for Waqas Biryani Home Delivery so that you can enjoy this amazing Biryani while sitting at home without having to go all the way to Hall Road and then standing in queues to get this delicious Biryani instead you can just place Waqas Biryani online order for Waqas Biryani Home Delivery from and enjoy!! 

Khalifa Naan Khatai 

Khalifa Naan Khatai is a famous specialty of Lahore.It is that specialty of Lahore that is cherished and loved by everyone. It is not just famous within the city but people it is a special demand of people who are not from Lahore whenever someone visits them from Lahore.  Khalifa Bakers  has a number of baked goods that are loved by the people but  Khalifa Naan Khatai  and Khalifa Almond Naan Khatai  tops that list.  

These specialties are the perfect partner with your tea or coffee. Whether you want to enjoy tea or coffee with your family or there is a sudden arrival of guests at your home. You can pair your tea or coffee with Khalifa Naan Khatai for a scrumptious experience. You can order the delicious  Khalifa Nan Khatai Online from so that you can enjoy the delicious Khalifa Naan Khatai while sitting at home. 

Phajja Siri Paaye 

Phajja Siri Paaye  is the go to place when it comes to having the best Paaye in Lahore. It is the most famous desi restaurant in Lahore which is famous for its rich and delicious taste. Whenever one wants to have the special desi breakfast, Phajjay ke Paye makes it to the list as it is one of the top choices of people when they want to have desi breakfast in Lahore. Although people love to have Phajja Siri Paaye but often cannot have it because of its availability. To solve this issue, has brought an amazing offer, you can order the delicious phajjay ke paye online from our website or app and it will be delivered at your doorsteps so that you can enjoy it while sitting at home. 

Muhammadi Nihari 

Muhammadi Nihari  is another famous point in Lahore. It is a famous Nihari point which is known all around the city for its amazing taste. Muhammadi Nihari has now opened a lot of branches all around in Lahore. Their taste of Nihari is just unmatchable. The Nihari has a thick red gravy which is filled with meat chunks of your choice and is prepared in pure desi ghee. It is served with green chillies and slices of ginger and the whole gravy is then topped with a squeeze of fresh lime. The spicy meaty yet delicious gravy can not be missed. You can order Muhammadi Nihari online from and it will be delivered at your doorsteps anywhere in Lahore. 

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