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  • Gajar ka Halwa Doce Bakers and Sweets
  • Gajar ka Halwa Doce Bakers and Sweets
    Gajar ka Halwa Doce Bakers and Sweets

    Gajar ka Halwa From Halwa Jaat

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    If you are from sub-continent and you think of winters the very first thing probably that going to hit your mind is various halwaas cooked in desi ghee and loads of nuts and sugar.Winters in South Asia have their own charm like other parts of the world. Every season comes up with the variety of foods with its benefits and obviously historical roots. In India and Pakistan where foodplays an integral and

    take major part in culture similarly it brings memories and secret recipes from generations. Every traditional food here has a history and cultural significance. From weddings to birthdays to hi tea there is one sweet dish that is quite popular since 18th century and that is Gajar Ka Halwa.Gajar ka halwa is part of every home in winters as every one loves to have it and have memories related to it of childhood winter season. If you want to taste gajar ka halwa in Lahore that is one of the most popular desserts of the city and is available at sweet shops in winters. You can best order gajar ka halwa in Lahore from Freshstore.Freshstore is the best food delivery service that delivers food anywhere in Lahore.Halwa rooting from Arabic language means dense or compact desserts. Halwa came to South Asia during Mughal Era via Middle East where it was made from flour, ghee, nuts, milk and loads of sugar. The components of this halwa like carrots, milk, desi ghee and nuts have their own benefits and that makes it a healthy dish if consumed in desired quantity. Like carrots are known to protect vision. The beta carotene in carrot gives it the red or orange colour, which is then converted to vitamin A by the body. Besides, they are loaded with vitamin C and K. Carrots

    are also rich in fiber, promoting good health and maintaining blood pressure levels. The delicious taste and health benefits of gajar ka halwa makes it the favorite dessert of winters, it is the healthy dish through which you can provide your family a healthy meal. You can best order gajar ka halwa from Freshstore. Freshstore is the best food delivery services that provide you a platform to select food from and order your favorite food. You can best order gajar ka halwa and get it delivered anywhere in Lahore.Different people have different ways of serving gajar Ka Halwa like in Punjab it is decorated with boiled eggs and loads and loads of khoya. Similarly, in different parts of the country it is served as a sweet(mithayi). Winters are incomplete without this dish. It can be kept for three

    weeks if kept in freezer. You can take desired amount and reheat it. The best combination of this halwa goes with chai or doodh pati. The best part of this halwa is it brings all the women of the family on one table. If one peels the carrot, the other starts grating it and similarly everyone happily divides the workload among each other and cook this delicious halwa.From elderly to younger ones everyone can consume this dish due to its unending benefits. If you are someone

    who cannot do the whole procedure then you can visit the website of Freshstore and best order gajar ka halwa online and get it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore. So, there is no need to the whole procedure to cook gajar ka halwa rather order best gajar ka halwa from Freshstore and enjoy it with your family and friends.

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