Handi and Karahi  are the two famous and delicious traditional delicacies that are loved by everyone. These are the desi cuisines of Pakistan, Chicken and Mutton Karahi is the traditional delicacy of KPK while the Handi is the delicious cuisine of Punjab. Both Handi and Karahi have a unique taste, Karahi is usually made in Mutton and Chicken while the Handi is cooked mostly in Chicken and in a special pot. Both Handi and Karahi are loved by the people of Lahore. You can buy both the best Karahi in Lahore and Handi in Lahore in different restaurants. There is a variety of Karahi and Handi available in Lahore. The famous Karahi includes the Chicken Karahi, Mutton Karahi, Achari Karahi, and White Karahi. The famous Handi that is loved by everyone is usually the boneless Chicken Handi but the Mughali Handi is equally loved by everyone. If you are someone who is not outgoing and wants to treat your friends and family at home then you can order both the best karahi in Lahore as well as the best Handi in Lahore through  at your doorstep.

 Waris Tikka 

Waris Tikka is one of the oldest desi restaurants in Lahore located in Anarkali. It is one of the best Karahi and BBQ sellers in Lahore. They serve the delicious Chicken and Mutton Karahi as well as the scrumptious Chicken Achari Karahi. The Waris Tikka also serves a variety of BBQ and Desi cuisines. Now you can buy the delicious Karahi from Waris Tikka through as they sell the best karahi in Lahore. You can order now through the website of or download the mobile app and get the tasty karahi from Waris Tikka at your desired place in Lahore.

 Chatkhara Treats Restaurant 

 Chatkhara Treats Restaurant  is a desi restaurant that serves delicious Karahi and Handi. They serve special Handi including the boneless Handi, Achari Handi, BBQ Handi, and Boneless salted Handi. They serve both Chicken and Mutton Karahi that in different flavors. The specialty of Chaktkhara Treats Restaurant is their Achari Karahi, BBQ Karahi, Special Chicken Karahi, Chicken Salted Karahi, and Mutton Salted Karahi. If you want to try these delicious Handi and Karahi in Lahore and want to buy the best handi in Lahore then order it now from and get it delivered at your desired place anywhere in Lahore.

 Hari Mirchi 

 Hari Mirchi  is a restaurant that serves the delicious Handi and Karahi and BBQ in Lahore. They serve both Mutton and Chicken Handi and Karahi. Hari Mirchi serves the best karahi in Lahore and the best Handi in Lahore. The mutton karahi and handi are available in a variety of flavors including Mutton Achari Karahi, Mutton Karahi, Mutton Kali Mirch Karahi, Mutton White Karahi, Mutton Handi, and Mutton Makhani Handi. They also serve the delicious Chicken Handi and Karahi including Chicken Karahi, Achari Karahi, Chicken Kali Mirch Karahi, Chicken white Karahi, Chicken Handi, and Chicken Makhani Handi. If you want to taste the delicious handi and karahi from Hari Mirchi then order it now through  and get it delivered anywhere in Lahore.

To get the best handi in Lahore and the best karahi in Lahore order it now from and get it delivered at your desired place anywhere in Lahore.

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