Order Homemade  Frozen Samosa in Lahore

Best Homemade Frozen Samosa in Lahore

    Samosa is one of the most loveable snacks by everyone as its crispy, fulfilling, delicious, and pocket friendly. It is best desi snack that can be enjoyed when feeling hungry at the wrong time. It is favourite snack of children and elders equally as children love to buy samosas from school canteen with juice while the elders love to have them during the evening tea. Samosa is a snack loved by all but as its fried in stalls and small shops, people avoid having them from outside, but one cannot usually get similar taste at home. So, if you are someone who loves samosa but now avoids having them due to health reasons then buy homemade samosa that are tasty and hygienic at the same time from Freshstore.pk. Freshstore.pk is the best food delivery service that will provide homemade frozen food at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore. Samosa is a Middle Eastern and Central Asian dish that has been transferred to the subcontinent from the Muslim rulers. The world samosa came from word Sanbosag and in some countries it is still known from its ancient name. Samosa is a crunchy and crispy snack that has become favourite of everyone who has eaten it as it has been consumed in Europe and Africa as well. Samosa is both a savoury and sweet dish as there are different techniques of cooking it. It is loved in both flavours. A samosa is made up of flour covering that is filled with sweet and savoury fillings that are later deep fried in hot oil. Samosas are one of the homemade frozen food, as people try to store it in freezer and give children in lunch and have it with tea every day. If you are someone love samosas but cannot make them then get homemade samosa in Lahore from Freshstore.pk. We are the best food delivery service that sells homemade pizza samosa, homemade qeema samosa, and homemade vegetable samosa from the best homebased food vendors in Lahore. There is variety of homemade samosa that could be found in Lahore, but the most loved ones are Alo Samosa, Qeema Samosa, Karachi Samosa, and Pizza Samosa. Alo Samosa is the simplest samosa that is made from potato filling, the filling includes potato, onion, mint, and coriander with a few spices. Qeema samosa is made with beef, chicken, or mutton mince that is sauteed with onion and spices. Karachi Samosa is also known as the kaghzi samosa that is filled with vegetables and chicken. Pizza samosa as the name implies is the samosa filled with pizza toppings. It is a small pocket snack that gives taste of both samosa and pizza at the same time. If you want to taste any of these samosas from then order them from Freshstore.pk. You can get homemade pizza samosa, homemade qeema samosa, and homemade vegetable samosa from the best homebased food vendors in affordable price. You can get best homemade frozen food in Lahore from Freshstore.pk and get it delivered at your desired location anywhere in Lahore.
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