How to Sell Your Cakes Online in Lahore  

Cakes are that one special treat that completes every occasion. Whether it is a festival or a family occasion,birthday or any kind of anniversary, it is not completed without having a cake specially made for that occasion. Independent Bakers or homemade bakers are well aware of this trend and they know that people want a specially made cake for their special occasions. The one obstacle that the independent/homemade bakers face is the delivery of their cakes as they need to be delivered with utmost care which is why they need a reliable cake delivery in Lahore and don’t you worry because brings you the fastest and most efficient online cake delivery in Lahore which delivers cakes, anywhere in Lahore. 

 How to Get Your Cakes Delivered Through  

There is a simple solution to that, you can become our partner and get on-board with us. By getting on board with us. You will have two benefits. Firstly, you will get to display your products on our website and app which will provide you a bigger target market and you can sell your products to all over Lahore. Also, we provide you online cake delivery in Lahore so that you can deliver your cake orders to your customer's location, anywhere in Lahore with no geographical restriction.  

You can sign up on by following these simple steps. 

Signup on

First of all, you have to sign up on by  downloading our app  and then clicking on the option of sign up. Fill in the required details of your business accordingly and sign up on You can follow this step by step tutorial in order to sign up on  

Log in on

Next, you have to Log in on our app. You can Login on by entering the 4 digit pin received on your registered mobile number to sign in on your account on  After logging in into our app, you will have access to our amazing features and will be given different services.  

Add Products on

You can add your products i.e. cakes by providing information regarding the cake. You have to add the size of the cake, whether it is cream or fondant.   

If at some point some of your cakes are unavailable at some days you can easily disable the products through our app. 

You can add products in our platform (website and app) by using our app and can disable the products when necessary easily as shown in the above displayed tutorials.  

If you receive an order from a customer, you will be notified through the application. All you have to do is accept the order, will take care of the rest.  

Create Delivery For your Cake Orders

In case, you want to create a delivery for your cakes you have to follow this following procedure. You have to select create deliveries and fill out information regarding your product i.e. cake. You have to add details regarding the pick and drop time and location of the order along with the transportation the vendor wants for the delivery. By providing all such information as discussed in the video, vendors can create deliveries on and get their cakes delivered anywhere in Lahore without any geographical restriction so what are you waiting for? Get on-board with today and get the best online cake delivery in Lahore.  

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