Best Bakery Items, Biscuits and Naan Khatai from Khalifa Baker

Khalifa Baker is a well known bakery in Lahore that is situated in the Walled City of Lahore close to Chohata Mufti Bakqar Lakkar Mandi Bazar. It is the oldest and most popular bakery in Lahore that sells very delightful biscuits, bakar khani, rusks, and cakes as it was operational in Lahore before the partition. Khalifa Baker has a unique and traditional taste that they ha=-[opve maintained for years and is considered as a Lahori sought. It is not only gifted to people around Pakistan but the people of the subcontinent who live in other parts of the world, ask friends to bring these delicious delicacies for them. Khalifa Baker is known for its khalifa khatai, khajoor khatai, daal biscuit, cake rusk, and bakar khani. These khalifa bakers original items taste heavenly and the sweets are well balanced. One khalifa khatai is enough to fill your hunger. If you are in Lahore and do not want to go to the khalifa sweets and bakers then order khalifa khatai for and get it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore.

Khalifa baker is one of the most popular bakeries of Lahore that has not lost its charm despite the city having a number of modern bakeries. Khalifa bakers is one of the most loved bakeries in Lahore and is always filled with people who want to have these delicious delicacies for their loved ones. If you are someone who loves khalifas bakery items specially khalifa khatai then get khalifa bakers nankhatai home delivery from We are the best food delivery service that provides a platform to established businesses as well as home based vendors to sell their delicious food through our website and mobile application and get it delivered at the doorstep of the customers from our riders. We deliver food throughout Lahore, so you do not have to worry about the distance between your home and khalifa bakers. We have a fast delivery service with multiple payment options, so ease yourself and order khalifa khatai from us now.

Khalifa bakers serve delicious biscuits and other bakery items but they are famously known for their plain khatai and almond khatai. Khatai is one of the oldest forms of biscuit that the Khalifa Bakers are selling in Lahore. It is a sweet delicacy made from flour, sugar, and other condiments and the almond khatai has almonds filled in a biscuit. Every bite of khalifa almond khatai has a bunch of almonds that are fulfilling and enhances the taste of a khatai. Khalifa sweets and bakers present the best khatai and biscuits in Lahore that are healthy, tasty and fulfilling. They have maintained the traditional taste for years and one craves for their unique taste. Get Khalifa nan khatai delivery in Lahore from We are the best food delivery service in Lahore that provides service all over Lahore. If your place is miles away from Khalifa bakers, do not worry and order khalifa khatai from us and get it delivered at your doorstep. 

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