Chicken Haleem-Kuzi Haleem - Secretariat

Haleem is a desi delicacy made from lentils, wheat, rice, and chicken cooked for hours in special spices. Haleem is one of the most affordable, fulfilling and delicious desi cuisine that is loved by people of Lahore. Haleem is cooked on special occasions and shared with family, friends, and neighbors on special occasions. Haleem is difficult to cook as it needs special dealing that’s why there are not many Haleem places in Lahore. So, if you are someone who loves Haleem then you are at right place as delivers Haleem from the best Haleem in Lahore that is Koozi Haleem.
 Koozi Haleem is one of the most famous Haleem places in Lahore that has many branches in Pakistan. Koozi Haleem was started in Lahore by three entreprenures Muhammad Miraj Din, Muhammad Ashraf, and Fazalur Rehman. Koozi Haleem is cooked with seventeen different spices that give exceptional and scrumptious taste. Kozi Haleem has three branches opereating in Lahore that serves tasty haleem to hundreds of people every day. It is an inexpensive dish and is available in both Beef and Chicken Haleem savors. Now you can order Koozi Haleem through and get it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore as we the best online food delivery service in Lahore.

If you are an intransigent Haleem fan than Koozi Haleem is your go-to place. Kozi Haleem serves the delicious Haleem with special naan and fried onion. Koozi Haleem has preserved its specific traditional and scrumptious taste since its start. Koozi Haleem is cheap and highly economical and does not cost a hole in the pocket as it is budget-friendly Haleem that is best for students for party, hostilities on last days of month and low-income labors for lunch and dinner during work. Kozi Haleem is available in both beef and chicken tastes. The beef Haleem and Chicken Haleem are both available in economical rates. If you are craving for the best Haleem in Lahore than you are at the right place as delivers your favorite Kozi Haleem at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore.

Koozi Haleem is operating in Lahore from its three branches, the first branch is in Secretariat that serves most of the people in Lahore, the second branch is in Lakshami Chowk and is the oldest operational unit of Kozi Haleem, and third branch is in Township that targeted audience includes businessman and students. The delicious Haleem at Koozi Haleem is served with hot Naan as well as Fried Onion, Coriander, Ginger, and Lemon. Koozi Haleem is now available at and you can order Haleem online anywhere in Lahore and will deliver it at your desired place anywhere in Lahore. So, what are you waiting for, order delicious Koozi Haleem now and get it delivered at your home, hostel, office or anywhere else through

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