Mix Meethai Bundu Khan 1kg

  • Mix Meethai Bundu khan 1kg
  • Mix Meethai Bundu khan 1kg
  • Mix Meethai Bundu khan 1kg
    Mix Meethai Bundu khan 1kg

    Mix Meethai Bundu khan 1kg From Traditional Sweets

    Seller : Bundu Khan
    Category : Traditional Sweets
    Seller Type : Sweet Shops
    Preparation Time : 1 hours Pre Order



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    Bundu Khan is the best sweet shop in Lahore that has built its name within a little span of time inLahore as its competition was the traditional and famous sweet shops but through its taste, freshness and quality have been able to gain popularity in Lahore. The Bundu Khan sweet and bakers are the sister project of Bundu Khan Restaurant that is quite famous for its desi food and has branches all over Lahore. Bundu Khan provides a variety of sweets including methae, halwa,and rasmalai. Bundu khan’s specialty is their scrumptious Rasmalai, Gajar ka halwa, and Kaju Katli. They are known for their special mix mithai that is packed in a sleek and stylish box. If you are craving for Bundu Khans delicious methae then you can best order mix meethai in Lahore now from Freshstore.pk

     and get it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore.Any celebration or festivity is incomplete without a meethai. A sweet dish is a must on special

    dinner gathers, religious festivals, weddings, job promotions, exam clearance treat, and baby favor announcements. There are few traditional sweets such as Halwa, Ladoo, Baklawa, Rasgulla, Pateesa, and Gulab Jamun that are favorite among all age groups. Lahore is the city of foodies, people of Lahore love to eat all kind of traditional, continental, and oriental cuisines. But their love of sweet is unimaginable. There are a variety of vendors selling the sweet made with high quality and fresh ingredients but no one can beat meethai of Bundu Khan. If you are sweet lover and wants to taste the best meethai in Lahore the best order mix meethai from Bundu Khan. They have a special and unique taste with balance sweet. If you want to take meethai at someone’s home or any celebration party then order fresh mix meethai of bundu khan from Freshstore.This famous sweet shop in Lahore serves the delicious sweets as Barfi is available in number of

    flavors including Chocolate barfi, Kaju Barfi, Khoya Barfi, Gajar Barfi, and Pista Barfi. Ladoo are available as Besan Ladoo, Motichoor Ladoo, and Daal Maash Ladoo. The other famous sweets include Gulab Jamun, Rasgullah, Pateesa, Chum Chum, Kalaqand, Amrati, and Jalebi. Bundu Khan also serves the scrumptious Halwa including Besan Halwa Gajar Halwa, Paitha

    Halwa, and Daal Halwa. You can best order mix meethai from Bundu Khan in Lahore from Freshstore and select your favorite meethai and get it delivered at your doorstep. You can also get the boxes customized for the special occasions like baby announcing, wedding, and religious festivals. Order fresh mix meethai from Bundu Khan through Freshstore and get it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore.If you are having a small family celebration or if you are craving for ladoo and gulab jamun after dinner but your sister like kaju katli, and your mother likes besan ladu then the best option is to order mix meethai. There is no need to worry as you do not have to go out but now you can get your favorite sweets delivered at your doorstep through Freshstore You can order from famous Bundu Khan sweets that are associated with us to bring the best quality sweet at your desired place. Freshstore.pk is the best online food delivery service that deliver the food from your favorite place anywhere in Lahore and deliver it at your desired place. So now best order mix meethai in Lahore from Bundu Khan. All this fresh and delicious mix meethai is now just a click

    away, you can best order mix meethai through our website and our mobile app. So, what are you waiting for, order fresh mix meethai in Lahore of Bundu Khan from us now.

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