Naan is a desi flatbread baked in the oven called Tandoor. Naan is usually eaten with the gravy but mostly it is eaten with Haleem, Paye, Karahi, Handi, BBQ, Chaney, and Nihari. These delicacies are best served with these scrumptious desi cuisines. There is a variety of Plain Naan available including Tandori Roti, Khameri Roti, Naan, Kulcha, Rogni Naan, and Tandoori Paratha. Nowadays, a trend of having filled naan got a huge hype and several Naan Spots were made that serve the delicious filled Naan with a variety of Tea. The famously filled naan is available in both sweet and savory flavors. The savory filled Naan are available in delicious flavors including Alo Naan, Qeema Naan, BBQ Naan, Chicken Naan, Cheese Naan, Chicken Cheese Naan, and Pizza Naan. The sweet naan includes the Meetha Naan, Nutella Naan, and Snickers Naan. The filled naan is quite fulfilling and can be eaten at Lunch, Dinner, and Teatime. If you are someone who loves filled naan then you are at the right place as now you can buy naan online through and get it delivered at your desired place. Naan order online can be done through  and get the freshly baked delicious naan delivered at your desired place. 

Five Star Naan 

Five Star Naan is one of the most famous and unique Naan spots in Lahore that serves both the sweet and savory Naan. You can buy naan online through that will deliver this scrumptious naan from Five Star at your desired place. You can get the scrumptious Alo Naan, Qeema Naan, Chicken Naan, Chicken Cheese Naan, Cheese Naan, and Meetha Naan from Five Star Naan. It is a highly affordable and fulfilling Naan that you can have with Tea. The best part of these scrumptious Naan is that you can naan order online through the website and mobile app of and get it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore.

Maro Tandoor 

Maro Tandoor is one of the first places that started selling the filled Naan. It is one of the best Naan sellers in Lahore. Maro Tandoor is a small initiative of students of LUMS who presented the business plan at their University and later on implemented it firstly in Model Town Lahore. Their Nutella Naan and Pizza Naan became so famous that many replicas of these Naan were made but none of the competitors were able to copy the taste. Maro Tandoors has two more branches in Lahore that are operating in Johar Town and Lalik Chowk DHA Lahore. If you are someone who has a special place in heart for sweet then Nutella Naan from Maro Tandoor is a must. You can buy naan online and get it delivered at your desired place anywhere in Lahore through  as it is the best food delivery service in Lahore.

Mr. Sheeda 

Mr. Sheeda is one of the best and initial flavored naan providers in Lahore. It has three branches in Lahore that in Johar Town, Model Town, and Iqbal Town. The best attribute of Mr. Sheeda is that they not only serve the deliciously flavored naan but also have a friendly atmosphere at the Naan spot. The families and friends can sit in a clean and beautiful place and have a gup shup with scrumptious Naan and Karak Chai. Mr. Sheeda serves the best BBQ, Cheese, and Chocolate Naan. Now you can buy naan online as well as naan order online can be done through  that delivers these scrumptious naans at your desired place anywhere in Lahore.

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