• Homemade Chicken Alo Samosa Frozen 6 PCS from Lunch Brunch
    Homemade Chicken Alo Samosa Frozen 6 PCS from Lunch Brunch

    Do you love home made frozen food and dont have the time to make them? Dont you worry we bring you the best frozen food in Lahore right to your doorsteps. Order the frozen Best Chicken Aloo Samosa of Lunch Brunch with home delivery so that you can enjoy delicious and hygenic frozen food at your doorsteps

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    Sanbosag and Samosa are the two alternates used for the delicious one bite snack throughout the world. Samosa is famous in South Asia while in other parts of the world both sanbosag and samosas are used for this delicious snack. Samosa has two main components; first is the outer covering made from all-purpose flour and the second is the filling that is made from peas, chickpeas, potatoes, onion, coriander, corns, chicken, cheese, salt, pepper, herbs and other spices. These ingredients are mixed together in different ways to form variety of fillings. One of the most loveable filling is chicken aloo. You can get the best chicken aloo samosa in Lahore from Freshstore that serves its customers from the best vendors that serves the best samosa. You can order frozen chicken aloo samosa in Lahore and get it delivered at your desired location anywhere in Lahore.

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