• Homemade Mughlai Kofta 1 Dozen
    Homemade Mughlai Kofta 1 Dozen

    Do you forget your food in your busy schedule? In today’s busy life, we don't always have time to cook food but yet we miss the comfort and taste of homemade food. Now you don't have to worry because freshstore.pk can deliver you the best homemade food in Lahore so that you can enjoy the taste of hygienic and delicious home cooked meals in your office, home or hostel every day. Get the Best-Mughlai-Koftay of Food-Fort with home delivery!

    Seller : FOOD FORT
    Category : Chicken Malai Boti
    Seller Type : Homebased Kitchen
    Preparation Time : 1 hours Pre Order



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    Spicy Mughlai Koftay

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