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  • Waqas Biryani Full
  • Waqas Biryani Full
    Waqas Biryani Full

    Best Order Waqas Biryani Full from Waqas Biryani in Lahore

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    The people of Lahore are famous for their mutual love for food and to accommodate their love for food, Lahore has a number of places that serve quality food which serves their cravings. Lahore has a number of places which includes food from high-end restaurants, cafes to street food and fast food ranging from contemporary cuisines to desi cuisines. When it comes to desi cuisine, you would not even find one person in Lahore who is not an admirer of the desi cuisine and especially Biryani. brings the best biryanis in Lahore including the famous Waqas Biryani. Get the Best Order Waqas Biryani of Hall Road from by simply placing your order on our website or app. 


    When it comes to the Best Biryani in Lahore, you cannot miss out the name of Waqas Biryani. Waqas Biryani is a famous Biryani point in Lahore and is very famous among the people of Lahore. It is located at Hall Road near Panorama Center, Lahore. Waqas Biryani is known for its unique and delicious taste. The tasty flavor of spicy rice mixed with roasted chicken and shami Kabab which is served with Raita and Salad is what makes it too appetizing for all the Biryani lovers out there. 

    Waqas Biryani is a famous Biryani point which is of high quality and is often in high demand among the customers. The only problem that the customers face is that Waqas Biryani is located at Hall Road which is quite far for most of the customers and it takes approximately 30 mins per person to get your order. As people have a busy lifestyle, it is difficult for them to take out time and go out of their way to get the special Waqas Biryani from Hall Road. In case, one takes out time to go there, they have to wait extra time there to get their favorite Waqas Biryani. One way out for this problem is through Best Order Waqas Biryani from You can place your order for Waqas Biryani Home Delivery through our website or app and will provide the Best Order Waqas Biryani without any problem, anywhere in Lahore

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