Best Order Waqas Biryani Half from Waqas Biryani in Lahore

  • Waqas Biryani Half
    Waqas Biryani Half

    Waqas Biryani Half From Spicy Biryani From Hall Road in Lahore

    Seller : Waqas Biryani
    Category : Waqas Biryani
    Seller Type : Desi
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    Waqas Biryani as the name indicates is the famous biryani spot in Lahore. It is an old biryani restaurant located in the Hall road near Panorama center, Lahore. The Waqas Biryani Restaurant sells the best biryani in Lahore as it's always booked and one has to wait for thirty minutes to get his hands on biryani.

    The Waqas Biryani is not a conventional biryani as it contains the steamed chicken with the seasoned spicy rice. It is highly aromatic and one cannot hold back to taste it. It is highly affordable and good quality food with adequate quantity. The half biryani is suficient for one person.

    The half Waqas Biryani deal consists of :

    Simple Biryani




    You can enjoy delicious Waqas Biryani from and it can be delivered at your doorstep through one click. 

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