Paye is one of the famous Pakistani cuisines that is loved by Punjabis especially Lahories a lot. This delicacy is made with hoofs and has a sticky gravy that is best served with hot Tandoori kulcha. Paye is one of the delicious cuisines that is served in breakfast, lunch, and brunch. If you love Paye and want to have this delicious cuisine then you can order them now through and get it delivered anywhere in Lahore. presents a variety of home-based vendors and local desi restaurants that sells delicious payee in Lahore. Paye order in Lahore has become easy and you can get your favorite meal at your chosen place.

Phaja Siri Paye

Phaja Siri Paye is one of the most famous paye spots in Lahore that has been serving delicious paye for many years. It is one of the oldest and delicious paye spots in Lahore. The delicious Phaja Paye is best served with the Fresh Naan and Cold drink. One plate of Payee is so fulfilling that if you are having it in breakfast then you won’t be feeling the hungry whole day. Paye order in Lahore has become easy as now you can get your favorite paye delivered at your doorstep any time of the day and anywhere in Lahore through .

Comfort Food

If you are a food lover and want to have paye but is lazy to visit your favorite paye spot, do not worry as paye delivery in Lahore has become convenient as now you can buy your favorite paye from Comfort Food and get it delivered at your doorstep through Comfort Food is a restaurant that serves delicious Continental, Desi, Fast-food, and Chinese in Lahore. They have a variety of items for breakfast but if you are a desi food lover then their Mutton Paye is a must-try. Paye Order in Lahore from and get it delivered at your desired place.

Homemade Paye

If you are someone who does not like to have food outside in restaurants, hotels, and Dhaba and prefer homemade food in Lahore then is your go-to place as paye delivery in Lahore has become easy through our food delivery service. collaborates with several home-based vendors and displays and delivers their delicious food all over Lahore. If you want homemade paye in Lahore, let it be beef paye or mutton paye then you can order both at affordable rates from You can have delicious paye in Lahore from Bithak by Uzma or Mano’s Kitchen at affordable rates but you have to do a pre-order for paye delivery in Lahore.

 If you are someone who loves to have Paye in Breakfast and wants to have delicious Paye at your home. Then order paye in Lahore now from and get it delivered at your desired place anywhere in Lahore. We provide your favorite food at your desired anywhere in Lahore. May it be at your office or your own home or any other place you want your order to be delivered.

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