Sell your Food in Just 20 Percent Commission

Food businesses are facing quite a competition nowadays and in order to excel in today’s digitized world, businesses need to be technologically advanced which is why food businesses are joining hands with online food delivery businesses and getting on-board with them so that they can use their platform to reach a broader audience and they can get their food delivered to their customers. The problem that the food business either restaurants or independent/home-based businesses face is that food delivery businesses charge up to 35% Commission on every order that  the restaurant or the home-based business would receive through their platform which does not seem fair to the business as it does not leave them with that much of profit but do not worry, is here for your rescue as you can sell your food through us at a 20% commission! 

Selling Food in Just 20 Percent Commission is an online food delivery company which provides a platform for all the food businesses to get on-board on our website and application. By getting on-board, you can showcase your products on our website and application and sell your food in Lahore. This would give them an opportunity to reach a wider audience as customers sitting everywhere in Lahore can see their products and can order them online using our website or application. is offering its clients an amazing opportunity which provides them a chance to sell their food in just 20% commission while on the other hand other famous food delivery companies in spite of offering on-boarding, just provide restricted reach which means that customers in a limited geographical radius can only see your products instead of people all over in Lahore which also they offer in more than 30% commission, leaving the food business with very little profit which is absolutely not fair as it takes a lot of effort to run a business and this way food delivery businesses gain more advantage from their effort and hard work. 

Unlike other food delivery services, the main priority of is not to work towards the betterment of themselves instead we want to create a win, win situation for us and the restaurants and home based/independent businesses which are on-board and are availing our services. If you want to sell your food in Lahore we’ll make sure that you are in profit after availing our services, hence a win, win situation. As we have designed our business model in such a way that it benefits both the customers and the partners i.e. restaurants and home based vendors, we can serve the customers in a better and effective way.  

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