Any function, party, and festivity are incomplete without a sweet. A sweet dish is a must on special dinner gatherings, religious festivals, weddings, job promotions, exam clearance, and baby favor announcements. There are few traditional sweets such as Halwa, Ladoo, Baklawa, Rasgulla, Pateesa, and Gulab Jamun that are favorite among all age groups. Lahore is the city of foodies, people of Lahore loves to eat all kind of traditional, continental, and oriental meals.  But their love of sweet is unimaginable. There are a variety of sweet shops that made good quality sweets having fresh ingredients. There are sweet shops that are serving the delicious sweets for many years, they have transferred the recipe of their famous halwa and methae to their offspring and the next generation have shared the secret recipe with their children that have maintained a similar taste for many years. Here, presenting your list of best sweet shop in Lahore.  


 Bundu Khan  

Bundu Khan is the best sweet shop in Lahore that has built its name within a little span of time in Lahore as its competition was the traditional and famous sweet shops but through its taste, freshness and quality have been able to gain popularity in Lahore. The Bundu Khan sweet and bakers are the sister project of Bundu Khan Restaurant that is quite famous for its desi food and has branches all over Lahore. Bundu Khan provides a variety of sweets including methae, halwa, and rasmalai. Bundu khans specialty is their scrumptious Rasmalai, Gajar ka halwa, and Kaju Katli. If you are craving for Bundu Khans delicious methae as its the  one of the famous sweet shops in Lahore, than you can order it now from and get it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore.

 Ahmed Sweets  

Ahmed Sweets is a sweet shops in Lahore. They are famous for the delicious Sharaqpur’s Gulab Jamun and the variety of Halwa. Their famous halwa includes Special Injeer Halwa, Special Kaju Halwa, Special Baisun Halwa, and Special Panjeeri. If you are craving for appetizing Saraqpur’s Gulab Jamun than you can order it now from Ahmed Sweets that is the best sweet shop in Lahore through anywhere in Lahore and get it delivered at your desired place.

 Rafiq Sweets  

Rafiq Sweet is the best sweet shop in Lahore that is serving the best sweets in Lahore for forty-five years. It is located near Mochi gate, Walled city Lahore. This shop is named after its owner Haji Rafiq and his legacy has been carried forward by his son. Their famous sweets include the Cherry Manpasand, Chocolate barfi, Kaju halwa, Cham cham, and Sohan halwa. Your family celebrations are incomplete without the sweets and what’s the better option than getting it from Rafiq sweets. You can order the best sweets from the sweet shops in Lahore through and get it delivered at your doorstep.

 Grato Jalebi  

Grato Jalebi has its roots from Sargodha, it was first made by Muhammad Pervaiz in 1962. Jalebi is a round twisted delicacy that is made up of fine flour, yeast, and water, fried and then dipped in sugar syrup. It is the best jalebi spot in Lahore and is now owned by the son of Muhammad Pervaiz. It has two original branches in Lahore that sells the hot and sweet jalebi. Jalebi is a must in Iftar during Ramzan as well as in the wedding functions. So, if you want to have the best jalebi in Lahore then you can order from the best sweet shop in Lahore now through and we will deliver it at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore.

If you are in Lahore and looking for the best sweet shop in Lahore then you can look into the website of or download their mobile app and get the best sweets in Lahore delivered at your door-step.

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