Lahore is known as the food hub of Pakistan as the people of Lahore loves food. Lahories like both traditional desi cuisine and non-traditional Chinese, Continental, Fast Food, and Italian Cuisines. But the love of desi food incomparable as people of Lahore loves Biryani, Karahi, Pulao, Payee, BBQ, and Daal Maash. Haleem is also among one of the most favorite cuisines of Lahories. Haleem is made with a balanced quantity of wheat, lentils, meat, and rice, It is popular around the world and made with specific changes in taste and material in the Middle Eastern countries and South Asia. It is a difficult dish that takes a lot of time and effort to cook. Haleem is a mandatory dish presented on the menu of special dinners and parties with families and friends. Only a few people provide the best Haleem in Lahore as it's difficult to balance the spices and maintain the specific taste of this dish. Koozi Haleem is among one of the best Haleem restaurants in Lahore that serves the best Haleem. 

Koozi Haleem  is the most famous Haleem spot in Lahore. It was established by three people Muhammad Miraj Din, Muhammad Ashraf, and Fazalur Rehman in Lahore. Koozi Haleem is made with seventeen special spices that give a unique and delicious taste. Kozi Haleem has three branches in Lahore and serves delicious haleem to hundreds of people every day. It is an affordable dish and is available in both Beef and Chicken Haleem flavors. Koozi Haleem can be ordered online through that is the best online food delivery service in Lahore.   

If you are a die-hard Haleem fan than Koozi Haleem is the best option for you. It is the scrumptious Haleem that tastes heaven in the mouth. Koozi Haleem has maintained its specific old and delicious taste since its beginning. Koozi Haleem is affordable and highly economical and does not cost an arm and leg as it is budget-friendly and best for students, low-income workers, and hostilities.  

Koozi Haleem is available in both beef and chicken flavors. The beef Haleem is a little expansive than Chicken Haleem as it has beef shred in the gravy. The best place to buy Haleem online in Lahore is through  as they deliver food anywhere in Lahore.  

Koozi Haleem has three branches in Lahore, first one is in Secretariat, the second in Lakshami Chowk, and third in Township. The delicious Haleem here is served with hot and tasty Naan and Fried Onion, Coriander, Ginger, and Lemon. Koozi Haleem is now available at and you can order Haleem online anywhere in Lahore and we will deliver it at your doorsteps so that you can enjoy this desi delicious treat while sitting at home. 

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