Famous Waqas Biryani of Hall Road, Lahore


Biryani is a famous South Asian cuisine that is loved by people. It is made up of rice, chicken, or mutton with traditional spices. Bombay Biryani, Karachi Biryani, Sindhi Biryani, and Hyderabadi Biryani are few famous types of Biryani loved in different areas of Pakistan. Lahoris also loves the delicious taste of Biryani and its usually a part of Sunday’s menu where a family enjoys it together in Lunch or Dinner. If you are in no mood to cook Biryani then you can order it now from  Freshstore.pk  and get it delivered anywhere in Lahore. 

Waqas Biryani  is a famous Biryani spot in Lahore that is selling scrumptious Biryani for many years. The Waqas Biryani is located in the crowded place of Hall Road near Panorama center, Lahore. It serves delicious biryani to hundreds of people every day and it takes almost thirty minutes to get your hands on Waqas Biryani. Waqas Biryani online order can now be done from  Freshstore.pk  and get it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore.

 Waqas Biryani is a non-conventional biryani as it does not contain a lot of spices and does not taste like famous Sindhi, Karachi, Bombay, or Hyderabadi Biryani. The delicious Waqas Biryani contains steamed chicken using black pepper and salt with seasoned spicy rice that gives this biryani a unique taste. The Waqas Biryani also contains Raita, Salad, and Kebab that enhances the taste of Biryani. Waqas Biryani online order can be done using  Freshstore.pk and Waqas Biryani home delivery can be done anywhere in Lahore through Freshstore.pk  .

 Waqas Biryani  has highly affordable and good quality food with good quantity. Its aroma and taste are to die for. Waqas Biryani is available in two quantities; half and full plate. The half biryani contains Rice, Kebab, Raita, and Salad while the full plate contains two pieces steamed Chicken, Rice, Raita, Salad, and Kebab. Waqas Biryani  online order can be done using       Freshstore.pk  and Waqas Biryani home delivery can be done anywhere in Lahore through  Freshstore.pk       .

 You can enjoy delicious by Waqas Biryani  online order from  Freshstore.pk and it can be delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore by just one click through the  Freshstore.pk website or mobile app. 

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