Zinger Burger

  • Zinger Burge KFC
  • Zinger Burge KFC
  • Zinger Burge KFC
    Zinger Burge KFC

    Zinger Burger (Scrumptious whole muscle zinger with KFC's signature dressing with fresh lettuce bundled together in a sesame seeded bun)

    Seller : KFC
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    Seller Type : Fast Food
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    Whether you're looking to save time or want to skip your average fast food experience, the Zinger Burger is a delicious and satisfying alternative. If you're looking for a great meal on the go, this burger is perfect. It's made up of an all-beef patty, grilled onions, red bell pepper, and ripe tomato on a soft sesame seed bun. For an extra kick of flavor, get it topped with jalapeño ranch sauce. Just make sure to bring your own bun if you don't want this type of bread in your burger! But what makes this burger so special? Let's look at some other quick-service restaurants that offer burgers with similar taste profiles as the Zinger Burger. The KFC Zinger Box comes with two pieces of white or dark meat and a biscuit. The chicken contains the same spices as the Zinger Burger and is topped with a spicy sauce. So if you're not feeling like beef, the KFC Zinger Box is a great alternative for those who want to enjoy a similar flavor profile to the Zinger Burger.

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